Pelvic Health for All

Clare Bourne is a pelvic health physiotherapist with a passion to support women and men throughout their lives. She believes in talking openly about taboo topics and ensuring everyone feels comfortable to get support even for problems that may feel embarrassing.

About Clare

Clare has a particular passion in supporting women during pregnancy and after birth, helping them to seek treatment for any pain or pelvic floor dysfunction they experience. She loves to help women back to the activities and exercise that they love. Clare is also a mum of 2 and having lived pregnancy and the postnatal experience knows what a precious but also vulnerable and sometimes lonely experience it can be. Clare also loves to share information on social media to try and open up the conversation around pelvic floor dysfunction, break down taboos and signpost women to help where needed.

What can I help with?

• Pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy
• Mummy MOT
• Postnatal recovery and return to exercise
• Incontinence
• Prolapse
• Pain with intercourse
• Pelvic pain


Book an appointment

Clare is currently offering home visits across north west and west London. Clare will be back in clinic in the next month or so, more information coming soon.

Clare is also offering virtual appointments for those who would rather be supported at home during these uncertain times.

If you would like to know more and find out about prices please get in touch.